Destiny 2: Forsaken


The reviews for Destiny 2: Forsaken are in and they're looking rather good actually. It seems the writers over at Bungie figured out that the gamer population is maturing, those Millennial gamers aren't satisfied with just pretty graphics and explosions anymore. We've grown up, had our own babies, are managing our careers with an eye towards detail, we need more. Bungie brought it.

The story writing of the Forsaken expansion is noticeably different, more in-depth and engaging. It's added a brand new location to explore that isn't just retextured and reused assets. The Gambit mode should definitely help to bring some fresh blood into PVP as well as encourage PVP players to check out the PVE world again. 

The main detractor that most players will agree with me over is the price. At $40 for a DLC expansion, some players are going to hesitate. The base game and it's other expansions aren't cheap at $90 so this new DLC isn't likely to bring new players but it might be enough to re-engage the already established player base. Time will tell of course if the raid scene is a bust and if this expansion can hold the attention of Destiny players for a decent length of time. Gamers are more prone to tear through expansion content within days instead of absorbing it over time. No rest for the weary and no time to marvel over easter eggs when you've got raids to plan. 

Release Date: 9/4/2018
Cost: $40 USD