Orville Season 2 Is Coming!

The countdown has begun. 16 days until Season 2 of The Orville! 

That is right! Sunday, December 30th on Fox! I can't wait. I am so excited for this show. I have been waiting impatiently, combing fan sites and looking for leaked press kits for months now.


Seth McFarlane is a genius, he really is. I have been jonesing for a Star Trek reboot for some time. And while this isn't quite the Star Trek I grew up with it is so much better than that bullshit CBS is toting as Star Trek. I was so excited for that show and then they had to go and jump the shark. Fuck you, J.J. Abrams, you ruin everything! EVERYTHING! 


I am totally psyched to follow the Orville crew on their new adventures this season. I'm hoping Facebook will allow us to do watch shows for the Orville live together. I'll bring the popcorn, you bring your awesome selves!