Priest – an exorcist simulator is coming to the Steam platform

Priest – an exorcist simulator is coming to the Steam platform. 
PriestNext year players will be able to play the role of an exorcist who deals with a series of demonic possession in a mysterious village. Priest, a new indie game from the Delirma studio, offers, among others, demanding gameplay, a dark history, numerous RPG elements and unconventional graphic design. Release on the Steam platform is planned for the summer of 2019. The publisher does not rule out a version on current generation consoles.
Exorcist simulator 
The game’s action is set in a mysterious village where a series of unexplained possessions take place.

Priest is a combination of Christian mythology with dark fantasy. We based it upon real testimonies concerning exorcism as well as general works of pop culture, i.e. novels, films and series. Black metal and Polish folklore also inspired us, so there will be a number of relevant references” – says one of the creators of the new game, Michał Jod.

The key part of the new game will be driving out demons from the bodies of possessed villagers. The player will need to adapt his actions to the specific case and select the correct remedy using, for example, prayers or equipment. At the same time, one needs to remember about the condition and strength of the exorcist. As the creators explain, the gameplay will be varied by numerous additional motives, including, for example, using the assistance of previously rescued persons.

We give a lot of freedom. The player determines the path of action and the method the several dozen demons in the village are dealt with. The development of the exorcist also has a wide range. It concerns features and specific skills – grouped under several different schools of exorcism. What's equally important, Priest will not be a so-called self-play – you will face a real challenge. Even if the player decides on co-op"  adds Michał Jod.
Priest will make its debut on the Steam platform the summer of 2019. Ultimate Games does not rule out a version on current generation consoles.

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