Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


I grew up watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch every Friday night. I will admit I found myself excited about reliving some of the nostalgia of TGIF. Upon watching the sneak peaks and trailers leading up to the release of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix, my curiosity was piqued seeing the dark turn they were taking with this newest incarnation. 

However, I am now on episode 5 and can say with some certainty that the trailer is better than the series so far. I gave it the benefit of the doubt with the first episode, knowing most of these reboots get a rocky start. Now we are into episode 5 and I'm really struggling to keep watching. 

The storyline is brilliant but executed poorly. The actors cannot seem to agree on the tone that the show has. I feel like some of them watched a bit too much of the TGIF brand of Sabrina and are now trying to bring a bit of that comedic acting into what should be a darker character. Some of the actors are very serious and I absolutely love Jaz Sinclair as Rosalind. Others are just not quite hitting the mark, Sabrina's aunts would be two excellent examples. Others, like Harvey, just feel like bad acting, very flat though I will admit by episode 5 that Harvey has gotten slightly better. I no longer expect him to look straight into the camera and break the 4th wall as it felt in the first episode. 

I am hoping that as the episodes progress that the team of actors find their grind and can stop making the story feel so offbeat. Overall, if you have burned through everything else that you wanted to binge then the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina could be a viable afternoon killer. I wouldn't put all your hopes into this one though. I can see it get renewed for 1 season but at this point, I wouldn't count on a 3rd.