Where Has the Couch Play Gone?

I hadn't really thought much about couch play in recent years. My heart has sunken into virtual worlds and other MMOs. However, my life priorities have shifted in recent years with the addition to our family. I'm now really missing couch play games. 

My husband and I used to raid and grind in dungeons together all hours of the night but we just don't have that time or even that type of energy anymore. Life revolves around family time, work and all the chores that come with owning a home. Pretty much in that order, please don't look at my unfolded laundry! 

Recently, the ever lovely Cori aka Gameinatrix introduced me to a game that I am now addicted to. Overcooked and it's protege Overcooked 2. If you grab it on Steam I think it's still on sale! Overcooked offers several ways to play from Single Player, to Online to Local and oh yes, COUCH MODE! 

My husband and I dug out our PS4 controllers, hooked them to my computer and had a grand time playing Couch Mode Story Mode the other night after we tucked the little one into bed. We stopped to think about it after we put the game away and this is probably the first couch mode that isn't split screen that we've played in years. Sure, we've played several of the Lego games and we love them but they're split screen and that can get old. This is actual couch mode cooperative which I love! Reminds me of some old school 80's and 90's gaming. 

So what happened to Couch Mode games? Did they die away with our hopes and dreams for the Gen Xers? (okay, low blow coming from a Xellenial, I know) Is Nintendo the only real contender for Couch Mode games now? Most of those are what I'd categorize as "children's" games and not really anything the husband and I would be interested in. Overcooked is definitely a game I'd play with some adults in my life as the words coming out of my mouth during these last few gaming sessions aren't fit for children. This game is so much fun, so addictive, it actually takes cooperation and skill. 

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