Lets Review: Ring Doorbell

We here at the Rock home love our tech and gadgets. We recently bought a Ring Doorbell. We bought the $99.99 basic version, the Ring Video Doorbell from Amazon. It was delivered within 2 days! Love that 2-day delivery. 

It came in a small box that contained the base, the doorbell, a micro-USB to USB charge cord, a level, a screwdriver, and a fuse to install it as a permanent fixture. It was really easy to install once you mounted the base. We charged the doorbell for an hour or so and then hung it on the base. 

Immediately we realized we were going to have to adjust the mount, we live on an incline and were picking up every movement in the street. Any time a vehicle would go by or a jogger, the doorbell would go off about motion at our front door. We also had to relocate the flag on our house because it would set the motion sensor off too. We took the doorbell and base off, angled it down and adjusted the motion sensor distance. That did seem to help. 

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to monitor who was at our door when we were not at home. It was hilarious watching folks realize the doorbell was a camera. It is definitely some neat tech and once we got it situated the way we needed it was great. However, we did notice that the Ring doorbell would randomly not pick up motion. I could walk in front of it to check the mail and it wouldn't go off. Some mornings when the mailman was on our porch it would set off the motion sensor multiple times even though he was only there for a moment. That got a bit annoying. 

There was another issue that ultimately made us decide to return it. The image quality is potato. You will be able to recognize people you know but anyone else is going to be hard to identify. The video quality really is quite bad. You also must pay $3 a month for the Ring cloud service to save video up to 60 days. If you do not, you will no longer be able to save the videos. You also won't be able to check the video if you don't catch the motion feed live if you're not paying the monthly fee. I really expected a better quality image coming from the Ring doorbell. 

Would I buy the Ring doorbell again? I might if they fix the image quality. I don't even mind the $3 a month fee for cloud storage. That's really not a bad price, it's less than a good cup of coffee. However, until the image quality if fixed and until they fix the bugginess of the motion sensor, I think I will hold off in favor of another brand.