Really, Google?

After years of being an underdog as gaming industry journalists for a female gamer-centric website, and years of urging women to do this, the ladies of The Pink Controller (formerly squatter is still holding our domain name), let out a collective, FINALLY!
While everyone loves to see the bad guys get their comeuppance, we still held out hope that Google would step up and do right by women. If not, we were all ready for phase two. Start your own tech company. Seriously ladies, don't beg for what you can do on your own. We waited and today while still pulling together final touches for our Black Friday sales, we noticed a small...very small..near the bottom of the search page small..small like a trail of ants small..small like the genitalia of the man who must have decided to post a link to a female-centric initiative at the bottom of the Google search page, kinda small.
Yeah, we saw it, but how the hell would anyone else see it?!
And why just partner with two groups? One of which has only been partially supportive of gamers in general, let alone women. The ESA is so far down the list of gamer importance these days, that even the mention of them to the current generation of gamers in passing will get you a 'Huh? Who?' What about Black girls code and Latina Girls Code? Seriously, a small mention and two groups were all you could muster up? So much side eye, for you.
Do better Google. We're so beyond tired of your half-ass-edry (yes we made up that word, cause we can.) This is seriously egregious. So serious, we're eyeing the Internet Explorer icon on our desktops right now and thinking about it. Get yourself together!